Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hair Goodies

Lately I've had this urge to create some new hair sticks. I haven't made hair sticks in a long time. For me, there are three basic types of hair sticks:

1. The structural hair stick.

These are the kind you see women with really long hair wearing. This style requires a bit of skill and some serious artistry to pull off. There are several nice youtube videos on the subject. Usually, they are of simple construction with perhaps a bit of carving or a painted design on the ends. I rather like the way this girl does it:

2. The decorative hair stick.

These are usually worn as an accent to an up do. These will usually be constructed of a thinner material like metal or plastic or bone with a larger, more intricate design on the end.

3. The Tribal hair stick.

No holds barred, all-out decorated hair sticks! Worn as an accent for the Tribal dancer hairstyles loved by dancers all over the world. Some are simple with a few cowries or beads dangling from the end. Others are more elaborate with longer falls comprised of macrame or braided fibers.

I tend toward the latter creating hair sticks with unique designs and Tribal flair. I use coins, shells, beads, yarn, fabric, more shells, etc. Anything that will thread onto the strands or sew securely to the falls is fair game.

I have made many different colors and styles over the years and I usually make them in pairs. Lately, I'm starting to think of unique, individual hair sticks more often. When I make them, I really enjoy making the first one. But then I really trudge through the second one trying to make it 'match.'

I think I'll stop worrying about that so much and just enjoy making the hair sticks.

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