Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day 2010: A celebration

This year, Earth Day turns 40. It is hard for me to believe, but there it is. I love the fact that it is still going strong after all this time. The force behind it hasn't waned a bit. Judging by the attendance of the festival, the force is growing and gaining momentum. We had a small trailer by the stage generating the power we used for microphones and etc. They had a wind turbine and solor panels rigged up. It was so green!

Today we celebrated in the center of the park in the center of town. My dance troupe, Troupe Sicorae, along with Hallie Tibbs of Basharaat, danced for about 30 minutes on the band shell stage to a medium sized audience.

We had a blast! We had live drummers for an organic feel. I even got out my drum and pounded along with the beat. When the performing was done, we all went out in the audience and cajoled some people to come up and dance with us. Young and old, male and female (and one canine) they came. It was beautiful and uplifting. Like it always is for me.

I get a rush out of dancing. Whether it's in the studio with the girls, on stage for the world or in my kitchen to the beat of my ipod, I get a rush. Dancing is as fundamental to me as breathing.

I spoke with a couple ladies today with special needs for their costume pieces. I'm working on a choli for a special lady. It's a challenge for me. But it's a challenge I will meet head on. I can do this. I have to do this so she can dance. She needs to dance.

Just like me.

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